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All Kiwi, National Service

We offer a national couriered service or personal drop off and collection at our studios. No appointment necessary, we are open Monday to Friday, in Birkenhead, Auckland.

We've been converting videos for New Zealand families and media companies since 1999, our staff are passionate and very experienced.

VHS and Camera Tapes to Digital File and DVD

You possibly arrived here from a search for how to transfer your videos to DVD or digital files.

You may not have a working player any longer or maybe you wish you could view your memories without all the winding, made worse for long sections of sky and grass from when the camera was left on! Maybe you're keen to free up cupboard space by converting your video tapes to DVD or hard drive. Maybe you should be making copies of some of these videos for family? Maybe you know video tape doesn't last forever, deteriorating with age, at some point they could be unplayable.

How Can We Help?

We help our Customers achieve a solution for all the above and more. We convert all consumer video formats in PAL and NTSC to digital files and DVD.


We can easily make multiple copies for all the family.

We offer editing services (to remove sky and grass interludes) and options to mix cine film, video, slides and photographs on the same file or DVD to create a complete collection.

Experienced, Passionate Staff

Our work is entrenched in media technology.

Bring It On Studios create videos, master music for record labels, author commercial DVDs and record and mix audio for film, television, and radio.

Save your memories at Video-Transfer from Bring It On Studios

Bring your videos to us for a no obligation appraisal or call our friendly staff for advice today.

Get cozy and revisit your memories

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