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Video at Bring It On Studios
8mm film reel

Digitise Video Tapes

Video memories are precious things for your family. Sadly though tape products do not last forever. It's recommended to digitise videos before the chemicals in them break down completely. All tapes will become unplayable at some point. 10-15 years is widely considered video tape's useful life but this does depend on how they've been stored and how humid the climate is where they're located.


Many people have tapes much older than 10-15 years of course,

if yours are older do not not fear, we clean mouldy tapes, we repair broken tapes and we have successfully transferred many tapes over 20 and some more than 30 years old.

Below is a description of our services, if you have any questions please feel free to call or email our friendly team or drop in to our studios Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm for a no obligation appraisal. No appointment required, there's always someone available to help during opening hours.

Video at Bring It On Studios
Professional Video to File and DVD

Videos are captured to our editing suite through broadcast quality hardware from AJA or Matrox. We offer two professional services to digital, one with edits and one without.


"Professional with Edits" includes up to 12 edits per hour of footage from one or multiple tapes. For example, three hours of video can be edited into 36 sections. You can remove unwanted parts and re-arrange the order of these sections taken from any tapes.

Initially we supply a digital file of all your footage with a time code super imposed on screen. Pre-printed sheets allow you to note which segments you would like to keep and which order they should be compiled.

Your final edited videos are supplied in a professional editing format, ProRes422 for archival and a second set of MP4 files for computer, device and smart TV viewing.

We can also make DVD versions from your master files

Cine film restoration
Direct Video to DVD

If you do not require the best quality conversion and no editing is required we offer a direct tape to DVD service. The quality is by no means “low”, we would describe it as “standard” compared to our “highest quality” professional service.


The direct service is a good option for those who wish to safe keep their memories before tapes are unplayable but the professional service is more than they need.

Pop In For Coffee & a Chat

Sometimes it's not obvious what service is best for you. Some of our Customers are not completely sure what is on their videos.

We invite Customers to bring their videos in, Eileen or Shannon will gladly help you assess the best service for your requirements.


Sit back with a hot drink and use our facilities to view your video and camera tapes. Label them, make a plan and leave the rest to us.


We'll collect up your video memories into a digital library ready to share with friends and family in no time.

Your tapes are returned to you shrink sealed for safe keeping.

But you won't need them any longer!

Lifetime Promise

Working with media companies & record labels we are often required to reinstate projects months after completion. To this end we have capacity to store a vast amount of data on our servers.


We extend this storage to our transfer customers. If your DVD becomes damaged in a way that prevents it from being played, return the damaged disc and we will replace it free of charge using a digital version we'll have on file. If disaster strikes and you lose your digital copies, let us know, we keep MP4 files indefinitely.


If you would prefer we didn't keep your material on file, just let us know.

Get cozy and revisit your memories

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